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Our Litigation Department has a wealth of experience in ensuring speedy and effective debt collection on behalf of private individuals. This may involve legal action and enforcement proceedings however, making initial contact with the debtor can often bring the matter to an early conclusion.

If legal proceedings are required we can represent you in the recovery of such debts. We offer a professional and affordable service with a high level of expertise and success rates.

Defending a CCJ

Have you defaulted on your debt repayments and been threatened with a County Court Judgment (CCJ) by one of your creditors? If so, Parkview Solicitors may be able to assist you in preventing this. This means you could protect your credit rating and your creditors would be unable to take further enforcement action to seek repayment of the debt.

If you fall behind on debt repayments to your creditors, they may apply to the County Court for a Judgment against you to claim payment of the outstanding debt. It is up to the Court to decide whether there is a debt to be paid and, if so, how best for it to be repaid. A CCJ is a Judgment which has been issued by the County Court because you have failed to repay money to your creditor.

If the Court sends you an Order to pay, but you do not pay, the Claimant can ask the Court to enforce the Judgment to ensure that you make the required payments. Court bailiffs could be sent to your home to remove items belonging to you in order to repay the debt, or the Creditor may apply for a Charging Order against any property you may own.

Don't let this happen, as we may be able to assist you in defending the Claim

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