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If you are a refugee and/or have been granted asylum in the United Kingdom, you and your family members can apply for a travel document to allow you to travel outside the United Kingdom.

We advise and can help you with your application for a travel document.

  • How can I obtain a travel document?
  • What types of travel documents are available, and which one is suitable for my situation?
  • What are the eligibility criteria for obtaining a travel document?
  • Can Parkview Solicitors assist me in obtaining a travel document?
  • How long does it take to process a travel document application, and what is the processing time?

Our work will include:

  • Advising you on the relevant requirements, relevant laws and procedures;
  • Advising you on the relevant documents to be submitted in support of your application;
  • Considering the contents of such documents and discussing the same with you;
  • Advising you on the weaknesses and strengths of your application;
  • The completion of the paper and/or online application form;
  • Preparing a cover letter; and
  • Post the documents to the relevant UKVI department should that be in the UK.
  • Liaise with the UKVI on your behalf during the decision making process.


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