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All too often with the breakdown of a relationship, there is an enormous impact on the children and issues such as contact and residence need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Child custody disputes can be very emotional and we understand that sorting out arrangements for the custody of a child and the visiting rights of either parent can be a very delicate process.

With our extensive experience in dealing with child custody cases, we can help you to get the best possible outcome for you and for your children in child custody negotiations. Agreements over child custody can be difficult to come by - if this is the case we can help you resolve a custody dispute through the courts. The welfare of the child is paramount - and the only concern of the court is what is best for the child and at Parkview Solicitors we will work hard to safeguard those interests.

  • How can I ensure the best interests of my children are protected during a family breakdown?
  • What legal rights do I have regarding child custody, visitation, and guardianship?
  • Can Parkview Solicitors help me navigate child custody arrangements and parenting plans?
  • What are the options for resolving disputes regarding children, such as mediation or court proceedings?
  • What factors do courts consider when making decisions about child custody and arrangements for children following a family breakdown?

Residence Order & Joint Residence Orders - You can apply to the court for them to decide where the children should live. This is called a "Residence Order". It is possible to apply for a "Joint Residence Order", but the courts do not usually like to make such orders especially if it will mean the child will have to divide their time between two homes. Parkview Solicitors can advise you if a Joint Residence Order is appropriate. If you have a Residence Order you are allowed to take the children out of the country for less than 1 month at a time without your partner's consent.

Contact Order - a court order to see your child - If the children are living with your partner and you would like to visit them or have them stay with you for short periods, such as weekends and part of the holidays, you can apply for a "Contact Order". A contact order can also decide who should collect and deliver the children for contact visits, where the contact visit should take place and at what time.

Prohibited Steps Order - to stop a child being taken - You can apply to the court if you think your partner is likely to try and take your children from you. This is called a "Prohibited Steps Order". This Order will also help you if your partner is thinking of taking the children to live abroad. If your partner has taken the children out of the country then you may be able to get the children back with the help of the court, but this depends on which country the children have been taken to.

Specific Issue Order

Either parent of the child can make an application to the Court to determine a SPECIFIC ISSUE concerning the child. It can be on any matter related to Parental Responsibility.

For example:

- Which school the child should attend
- Whether the child should receive any particular type of medical treatment
- How and whether religion should be part of the child’s upbringing
- Whether the parent with care can take the child on holiday or to live abroad in another country

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